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Ralph Lauren being categorized as a luxury designer brand has been around the block for quite some time now. In fact, you can find their high-end stores at some of the best places to shop in the world! From being found at the center of the shopping mecca of the world (New York City), all the way to having a place on Rodeo Dr. in Los Angeles—Polo Ralph Lauren is iconic. Ralph Lauren designs have some of the unique touches that honor the equestrian heritage.

Their pieces with a Western flair are are like no other! But just why did the designer and philanthropist, Ralph Lauren, himself, have a thing for the cowboy culture?

Photo courtesy of ralphlauren.com

He always dreamed of putting his twist on the ideal image of an American cowboy! And that is just what he did…

“I think the spirit of Western style has a rugged elegance and authenticity that people want to relate to,” Mr. Lauren once said. “There’s both a sensibility and honesty to the clothing that gives it an enduring appeal.” – Ralph Lauren

Quote courtesy from ralphlauren.com
Photo courtesy of ralphlauren.com

Lauren’s words about the importance of Western representation in his brand are so true!

“Western clothes somehow reflect, and project, that love of the great outdoors, that pride in one’s self and one’s body.” – Ralph Lauren

Quote courtesy from ralphlauren.com

What most people don’t know, is that Ralph Lauren started as a denim brand! Lauren wanted real, comfortable, timeless denim and more. He created an entire world of Western iconography: leather vests, roper boots, and pearl-snap shirts with contrast piping; Western blazers, bandannas, bib-front overalls, and eagle-buckle belts.

Photo courtesy of ralphlauren.com

Lauren’s designer clothes are made to be worn with a purpose. To read more about the story of Ralph Lauren’s polo Western aspirations, check out their website here!