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june booksHearth Song
Love can lead you home…
By Lois Greiman (Kensington Books)

Imagine being dragged toward love against all logic and reason.  The practical minded, heroine in Lois Greiman’s book Hearth Song (Home in the Hills) finds herself in just such a predicament.  Set in North Dakota, Hearth Song is a beautifully written western romance about a hard-working mother of an autistic child.  Her marriage is struggling when she finds herself attracted to a Sioux Indian who is teaching her daughter about their Native heritage.  Greiman’s protagonist is torn between keeping her family intact and giving into her feelings for a man who embodies all she’s ever dream.  Believing her husband is committed to change she decides to give their relationship another chance.  Lies and intrigue follow the renewed trust and futures hang in the balance.  When the truth about the choices made are finally examined, lives will be altered forever and maybe so will hearts.  Hearth Song is Greiman’s second book in her Home in the Hill series.  The author’s extensive knowledge of horses adds a great deal to the charming and moving title.