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Ranch riding has exploded! This western discipline showcases your horse’s versatility, attitude, and movement. In recent years, more and more associations are adding these classes to their show bill. The tack and attire may vary depending on the rules and regulations of your club.

Getting Ready for a Ranch Riding Class

Terry Myers with Weaver Leather talks about the different attire and tack needed for Ohio 4H and American Ranch Horse Association (ARHA). They vary slightly, though both have many similarities. If you’re riding for a different association, then make sure to check out their rules. These will give you an idea though!

  • Back cinch and breast collar are recommended
  • Limited silver
  • No bling
  • Work saddles
  • Plaid button up shirt

Get more tips in this helpful video tutorial…

You and your horse should look like a real working team. Ranch horses and cowboys aren’t flashy, so keep it simple!