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Photo courtesy of Dillon Ranch Rodeo.……

The cowgirls stole the show at the Dillon Ranch Rodeo held in Dillon, Montana this year with the first ever Women’s Triathlon. These handy cowgirls got to show off their roping, barrel racing, and goat tying skills all in one run, on one horse!

In this triathlon, the cowgirl begins with a breakaway run, roping her calf by the neck, then on to the barrel pattern, turning three and heading home, finishing her run with goat-tying, by stepping off her horse and tying her goat to get her final time.

This action-packed, timed event sure brought a lot of entertainment to the arena! The Women’s Triathlon may be a crowd favorite!

Check out this video of the winning run from the rodeo, courtesy of Murphy Harrington-Hirschy:


Way to be COWGIRL! We would like to congratulate Brooke Hirschy, the first ever Dillon Ranch Rodeo Women’s Triathlon winner, for her 31 second run! 

Who wants to see this event at their local ranch rodeo?