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All photos courtesy of Ranchlands……

Ranchlands is an agricultural-based business that operates large-scale cattle and bison ranches in the American West. We partner with conservation-minded owners to implement ambitious conservation programs that coexist alongside our own cattle operations. In addition to our diversified cattle business, we run a series of complementary land-based businesses including hospitality, hunting and fishing, a leather shop, strategic advisory services, and ecotourism.”

Then and Now

“Compare these archival photographs of rounding up cattle at the Quarter Circle U Ranch in Big Horn County, Montana, 1939, with photos from Ranchlands brandings in Colorado and New Mexico last year.”

“From gathering cattle horseback, roping, heating the brands on a wood fire, and ending the morning with a simple lunch of beans and tortillas, the way we brand our cattle hasn’t changed much over the decades.”

“Back in the 1930s, guests and photographers were already tagging along to observe and get their hands dirty in this quintessentially Western event, and you too are welcome to join us for one of our spring brandings this year, at either the Chico Basin Ranch or the Zapata Ranch.”

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