Courtesy Raquel Gottsch.……

How It Started

“When I was little,  I used to go to work with my dad every day to the Fort Worth Stockyards when he was first starting RFD-TV, so I literally grew up along the bricks of Exchange Avenue.  It’s there that my passion for the western way of life and working in this industry started to take shape. Family vacations and summers were spent on the road making contacts at rodeos, farm shows, music festivals, and more.  This has just been my way of life ever since I can remember. I never learned how to walk in heels, only boots.”

How She Works

“With my new promotion to CEO,  I recently moved to Fort Worth to oversee all aspects of The Cowboy Channel including the build out of our new state-of-the-art television studios and retail storefront in the Stockyards,  so right now no two days are the same.  Some days are spent coordinating design elements while others are spent planning events such as The American or producing new television series such as RanchHer.”

Why She Loves It

“I do what I do because I simply love it and can’t imagine doing anything else.  The best part is, I get to work alongside my family. RFD-TV, and now The Cowboy Channel, has always been a family business. My dad started RFD-TV almost 20 years ago in the Fort Worth Stockyards, and here I am today, working in the Stockyards, taking everything he has taught me and starting a new network to continue that legacy.”