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Some horses are so unique that they stop you in your tracks. They have a rare color or marking that sets them apart from ordinary horses. You just never know what a foal will look like. I’m sure these breeders and owners were more than happy with these special markings.

This horse has an almost completely black face with blue eyes. What a beautiful sight to be seen!

Here’s another striking horse! What do you think? He has more than just a pretty face…his entire body is marked beautifully.

Lots of rare and unique spots on this cutie! I’ve seen a few Appaloosas, but never with these kind of markings.

That face! What a special fella. It’s like he is wearing a speckled mask. Too neat!

And yet another beauty! Have you ever seen a horse like this? I haven’t!

Those are definitely some rare horses. If you want to see more, then check out: @horsesofweek on Instagram.

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