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Photo by: Akhal-Teke Association of America……

Some horse breeds can be found in nearly every stable, while others are extremely rare. There may only be a few in an entire country. Despite not being popular, these breeds are still gorgeous and athletic.

Rare Horse Breeds

  1. Akhal-Teke Horse

Known for their speed, endurance, and metallic sheen, this breed is predominately found in Turkmenistan. There are only about 6,600 of them in existence.

2. The Canadian Horse

With around 6,000 registered Canadian Horses worldwide, this breed is considered rare. They’re the national horse of Canada.

Photo by: Globe Trotting

3. The Suffolk Punch Horse

This draft horse can trace its origins back to 1768. There are less than 300 in the UK.

4. Dales Pony

Less than 5,000 Dale Ponies exist worldwide.

5. The Cleveland Bay Horse

This breed of horse is from England. Unfortunately, only 300 remain in the UK.

6. The American Cream Horse

Native to the United States, there are roughly 2,000 horses of this breed left worldwide.

7. Eriskay Pony

Today, a little less than 300 of these ponies are alive. They’re known for their calm temperament.

8. Newfoundland Pony

With less than 250 of them around, this pony breed is considered endangered.

Photo by: Rocky 6 S Caspians

9. The Caspian Horse

They are known as one of the oldest horse breeds to exist. While their numbers are rising, the Caspian Horse is still considered rare.

10. The Hackney Horse

Their population is less than 300!

Are you lucky enough to own a rare horse?