“The RC in RC Custom Boots is named after Ruben Cobos, a man who was fascinated with the art of making boots. As a young teen, he stood wide-eyed outside a little boot shop in Mexico. He fulfilled his dream of working there, and through hard work and no pay, he learned the process and skill from start to finish of boot making.

“In 1962, at the age of 18, he opened his own shop “La Reyna Del Arte” (The Queen of Art). He began his business with only two employees, but as word spread about the unique elegance and durability of his boots, it expanded to thirty-five employees, making up to 80 pairs per week. Ups and downs came and big factories started building boots at a very low price with synthetic materials but RC never lost the hope to keep doing what he loved; making boots.


“In 2005, his daughter Alejandra moved to Lubbock, TX and RC suggested she open a booth in the local flea market. She started out with only twelve pairs of boots and used boxes to display them. Because of the toughness of the boots, cowboys began to take interest and use them on a daily basis.His son, Iram, joined his father and started to know also the process of boot making. He was fascinated with inlays and hand tooled work. In 2006, RC and his family opened their store “RC Custom Boots.” This family business keeps on growing making boots for the whole family.” -RC Custom Boots

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