twisted treasures refurbished furniture cowgirl magazine

twisted treasures refurbished furniture cowgirl magazine

“Reloved” furniture is my favorite…and if you don’t believe me, come visit my place in Stephenville! My whole apartment is filled with pieces that are older than I am! Plus, if you’re on a budget (like I definitely was when I started college), then you’ll appreciate it even more. Try searching  garage sales, junk stores, and anywhere you can think of that you might have furniture that’s been well-loved. You won’t believe some of the treasures you might find there.

Sandra Jones started Twisted Treasures and Homeless Heart Ministry in Brashear, Texas in 2013. Since then she has refurbished, or “re-loved” as she likes to say, thousands of pieces of furniture. She sells her work via word of mouth, Facebook, and various trade shows. The best part? All of the money from the sale of her pieces goes to the nonprofit Christian-based organization she started called Homeless Heart Ministries. For the last four years, Sandra has helped hundreds of people get back on their feet when times are tough. This helps them to better provide for their families during times of struggle. The cabinet you see above is one of my favorite items. Sandra loved it so much she kept it for her own home.

This bed! I’m not normally a fan of frilly things, but this is amazing.


This little side table is just so useful and cute! I must admit this is actually in my apartment (go TSU)! I wasn’t kidding when I’ve said before my whole house is red and turquoise.


How adorable is this? Perfect to put in your entryway!


I have loved this ever since I first saw it. Sandra repainted and sanded this piece and the client’s father made the wooden topper for it.


Color. Fringe. Turquoise. Need I say more?


Hello, TURQUOISE! This whole setup is so cute!


Okay, no this is not mine. I still love it though! I love the mismatched chairs, too!


Here’s a closeup of one of them!


I have no idea how old this piece is but MY GOSH. Talk about gorgeous!


Are you in love yet?


The white farmhouse look will always be classic!


Perfect to use as an entryway table! I know everyone has that certain little table for throwing your purse, keys, and everything under the sun when you walk in after a long day.


Here we have the mother of all entertainment centers.

If you’ve got a piece you would like to be re-loved, reach out to Sandra through Facebook with this HERE! Don’t have your own piece? That’s okay too! She’s the shopping queen and will hunt down something based on what you have in mind and redo it to your specifications!