All photos courtesy of Brittany Mayer...……

Meet Brittany Mayer. Brittany’s a horse trainer from Cumberland, RI, who’s currently preparing to compete in the Mustang Heritage Foundation’s Virtual NJ Extreme Mustang Makeover with a mare she calls Gunpower and Lead or “Molly” for short. 

Although Brittany grew up showing horses, she never dreamed she’d one day be working with her eighth Extreme Mustang Makeover partner.

“I thought mustangs were wild and crazy and would never be fit for domestic society in my horse show world,” Brittany admitted. “All of my mustangs have proven that they’re absolutely amazing. I did so much more with my first mustang than I ever thought I would do with any horse.”

Now, she’s hooked. In addition to running a thriving multi-discipline training and coaching business, Brittany always makes time for mustangs.

“Participating in [Extreme Mustang] Makeovers has shifted my entire career,” Brittany shared. “Mustangs aren’t 100% of my business, but they are 100% of what keeps me happy. I do at least one Makeover each year. It keeps my goals going forward, keeps me on my toes, and makes me learn with each horse I get. It’s been so amazing.”

Today, Brittany encourages other horsewomen to test their skills by participating in a Makeover.

“It’s has helped me grow as a person,” Brittany explained. “When I first started doing Makeovers, I had never touched a mustang, never started a colt, never done anything like it. If anyone wants to expand their education, mustangs are the way to do it.” 

Want to see Brittany and Molly compete—and learn more about opportunities to join the fun? Tune in online at starting October 20 to see all the action. Plus, apply now for approval to bid in the online auction during the event and bring home a competing mustang. Find all the details at