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Nowadays, most farms are ran with the use of tractors. There are, however, some that prefer real horse power. Like in bygone days, these farms use draft horses with their impressive strength to till fields, rake hay, transport logs, among other things. One or two draft horses can meet the needs of most homesteaders!

Why Use Horse Power?

There are pros and cons to using draft horses on your farm, as there are with tractors.

  • Smaller footprint on the environment
  • They’re fueled with hay, so less cost to maintain
  • Companionship and enjoyment
  • Their manure creates a good compost pile

They do require care throughout the year though. Horses can’t be parked and left like a tractor. They’re living and breathing creatures. Another challenge can be finding horse-drawn equipment. If you live near an Amish community, then you may have better luck!

Types of Horses Used

Draft horses are used for this type of work. Most were actually bred for this purpose. They’re hard workers and physically built for the job. Some of the top breeds include:

  • Percheron
  • Belgian
  • Suffolk
  • Haflinger
  • Fjord
  • Mule

The first few on the list are larger and offer more strength, but many farms do just fine with smaller breeds like the Haflinger.

Check out this sheep farm that prefers the use of real horse power!

Many have not forgotten the importance and capability of draft horses.