Photo by: Shoshi Parks……

The story of Misty Of Chincoteague has been a favorite among horse lovers. The original book, series, and film hold a special place in the hearts of many! Fans rush by the hundreds to catch a glimpse of these special ponies at the annual Pony Swim event each July. Most people are not aware that Misty really was a real life pony, not just a fictional character!

Who is Misty of Chincoteague?

Photo by: Shoshi Parks

The real Misty was born on July 20, 1946. Clarence and Ida Beebe owned Beebe Ranch on the Chincoteague Island where the filly was born. Marguerite Henry offered to buy the filly to serve as a model for her book. While at first the Beebe family refused, eventually a deal was made. Beebe’s grandchildren, Maureen and Paul, were to be included in the story.

Mrs. Henry owned Misty for 10 years. In that time, the mare traveled to schools, museums, libraries, and horse shows. Misty returned to Beebe Ranch in 1957 to have a few foals. On October 16, 1972, she died in her sleep at 26 years old. Fortunately, she has many descendants that are still alive today!

Misty, Phantom, and the Pied Piper were all based on real Chincoteague Ponies. And while the story line is fiction, it’s neat that most of it was based on real life people and ponies.