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Have you rode or been around a mustang? If not, then it’s hard to truly understand how amazing these animals are. Every year the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rounds up wild horses. They end up in holding facilities in hopes of becoming adopted. These mustangs need your support!

Why You Should Adopt a Mustang

  1. They need you! There are over 50,000 mustangs in short- and long-term holding facilities. They aren’t living up to their potential stuck in a corral.
  2. The adoption fee is only $125. If you adopt from a TIP trainer, your horse will be halter trained and trailer load.
  3. They’re are usually quite healthy and hardy.
  4. These horses are highly trainable. Many go on to compete in various western and English disciplines. They also make incredible trail partners.
  5. Take your pick of all different colors and sizes.
  6. You can earn money for adopting! The Adoption Incentive Program awards adopters up to $1,000 up to 60 days after title date.
  7. There are TIP trainers that specialize in training mustangs all across the United States. Many are willing to help new adopters.
  8. You can compete in fun shows and win prizes with the Mustang Heritage Foundation.
  9. There’s a huge community of mustang lovers excited to connect with new owners!
  10. Not everyone can say they ride a previously wild horse! That’s some serious bragging rights.

There are requirements you’ll have to meet in order to be eligible. They include fencing, shelter, and trailer specifications. You should also be an experienced horse handler and rider, especially if you plan to adopt a truly feral one.