Reasons for Donkey

A donkey can have many purposes around the barn! They usually get along great in a herd of horses. Their adorable big ears and quirky personalities are enough of a reason to buy one. If you need a little more convincing, check out these five reasons barn owners choose to add donkeys to their farms.

1. Herd Protectors: Donkeys are great at protecting the herd from foxes, dogs, and coyotes. Often, they will chase the unknown predator away from the group. A donkey is a treasured farm member for sheep and goat breeders.

2. Companionship: They’re easy-going and able to keep the peace. Donkeys are wonderful companions for rowdy youngsters or those that can’t be with the rest of the horse herd. If you’re limited on space, get a donkey as a friend and they’ll cost you a lot less than another full-sized horse.

3. Hard Workers: You can even train your donkey to pull a cart or till a small garden. These hardy critters are stronger than they appear.

4. Responsibility: Donkeys make the perfect pets for children. They usually have great temperaments! You can see them in local shows in your area.

5. Therapy Animals: All across the United States, you can find donkeys used in therapy programs. Their calm demeanor makes them great for nursing homes, schools, and fairs.

Donkey’s are the perfect addition to any farm. Their big, silly ears and inquisitive personalities make them perfect for all ages!