reba casual shoe slip on cowgirl magazine

reba casual shoe slip on cowgirl magazine

If you want to know what the ideal casual shoe looks like…this is it. The one and only Reba McEntire launched a line of footwear in collaboration with Justin, and it is absolute perfection.

It can be so hard to find a good shoe that works with jeans, capris, skinnies, and shorts. Some shoes hit at different spots on the foot or ankle that can be perfect for one style of pant, but looks completely awkward with another. That is definitely not the case with these.

Already hooked? Browse the collection below.

Arreba! Reba Casual Serape Print Shoe – $59.95;

Alice Reba Casual Cowgirl Reba Textile – $59.95;

Oakie Reba Casual Oakie Suede – $69.95;

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