Vaccinations protect your horse from infectious diseases. By regularly vaccinating them, they develop immunity against those illnesses. A schedule should be followed based on your horse’s age, level of exposure, vaccines history, and level of travel. Your veterinarian can help you create a personalized one!

Vaccination Chart

Photo by: Jeffers

This chart can be used as a rough guide. It features most of the core vaccines, though there are others worth considering like rabies, botulism, Streptococcus equi infection (equine strangles), and rotavirus.

In most states, a veterinarian has to do rabies. Many horse owners use this opportunity to do a wellness check and request a Coggins test.

It’s possible to do your own vaccinations. They can be bought at places like Jeffers and Valley Vet. You’ll want some assistance the first few times though! Don’t forget to write down which vaccine you did and the date. It’s important to stay organized.