Equestrians need to do their part in protecting the environment. Barn owners have a big responsibility when it comes to enforcing a recycling policy. They can establish a system for everyone to follow that is eco-friendly and practical. It’s not all about rules though… reusing items can actually be fun and even helpful!

Make a Plan

First, designate a person to be in charge of recycling. They will stay on top of the system and ensure bins get put by the curb when necessary. If curbside isn’t available, they’ll need to drop of recyclables at select facilities.

Next, start small by including a short list of items to recycle. This can include glass, paper, cardboard, cans, scrap metal, and plastic bags. Make it convenient for people to follow through with the list by having a recycle bin next to every trash can.

And lastly, try to use green products. For example, bring cloth bags to tack stores instead of using plastic. You should also try to use items with less packaging.

Reusing Items

  • Use comforter bags to store horse blankets
  • Old horseshoes can be used as hooks to hang halters
  • Plastic feed bags can be used as liners in flower beds to keep weeds down
  • Paper feed bag can become poultice wraps
  • Old towels or shirts are great for drying horses or cleaning tack
  • Large plastic barrels can be cut in half for water troughs

Share some of your favorite ideas!

Be a good steward of your environment by trying a few of these recycling and reusing tips! Check out Green Horsekeeping Tips For Every Horse Owner for more great ideas.