red berry woman grammy collection
Courtesy of Red Berry Woman Instagram……

“Native Fashion is the influence of Indigenous culture on contemporary fashion. It’s a reminder that not only are we still here, but we have fought to retain that culture and we will continue to maintain that culture while taking over spaces that were never intended for us by colonizers. 

“The fashion industry happens to be one of those spaces. Over the next few weeks I will be showing the Native couture Fashions of Red Berry Woman through the lens of two time Grammy winner, Indigenous photographer, Joe Pekara @pharaoh171photography

“These images will be displayed for the opening ceremonies of the 2022 Grammy Awards. Joe and I have been recognized by this year’s a Grammy Association as recipients of the Visual Arts award honouring Indigenous artists.” –Red Berry Woman

Look two of the Grammy Collection created by Red Berry Woman and photographed by Joseph Pekara, both recipients of the 2022 Grammy Visual Arts Award. 

Fahtima Hood, member of the Hidatsa, Mandan, Arikara and Turtle Mountain Chippewa tribes wearing the RBW Hidatsa Grammy dress. 

Model: Fahtima Hood
Photographer: Joseph Pekara, @pharaoh171photography
Designer: Red Berry Woman @red_berry_woman
Make up: Martha Phelan @marthaphelan.mua
Hair: Shyla Demaray @sdemaray25
Dancers: Elmer Flying Horse Jr &Tessa Holds The Enemy Abbey @tessa_holds_abbey
Earrings: Donovan Abbey 

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