The days are gone where red flannels are only for the lumberjack. If there’s a trend to be conquered, we women are sure to find it. Red flannel is such a bright and cozy fabric that is so fun to mix and match. Pair it with other sleek textures to keep that feminine vibe flowing.


Don’t let the fear of putting the whole outfit together stray you from wearing flannel! Need a few ideas? If you’re wearing a flowy or oversized flannel top, pair it with leather leggings or a rich denim skinny jean and a fur vest. If your flannel top is more fitted, tuck it into a trouser jean and pair it with a sparkly statement necklace. Looky there! Now you’re all fancy-fied and ready to go. Pi-yah! Hit the town. 

These red flannel favorites will make you feel less like a lumberjack and more like a lady! 

Lucky Brand Women’s Boyfriend Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt, $69.50.


Miss Patty Checkered Wool Flannel Jacket, $717.


Woolwich Giant Buffalo Plaid Vest, $112.


Alive Again Checkered Red Dress, $49.90


Women’s Plaid Flannel Funnel Neck Scarves, $9.99.


Duluth Women’s Flapjack Flannel Shirt, $64.50.


Glamour Kills Henderson Plaid Jacket, $78.98