We have a fever and the only cure is more red; red boots, that is. But, seriously, our style needs a little swift kick in the bum sometimes, which is why we’re giving it a little boldness with these red hot boots. The same ol’ brown, black, etc. cowgirl boots can get dull, so don’t be afraid to liven things up with these boot picks. Bonus, they’re just in time for Valentine’s Day. So whether you have a Valentine or not, you’ll be dropping some heart rates in these hot boots.

Eight Second Angel Angelica Boot

Slowly dip your toes into these red boots. And by red we mean more of a dark, roughed-up red. They have bold color without going over the top. So, if you’re on the edge about trying some boots with color, we recommend these. We think you’ll find that happy medium between bold and classic. Available on Country Outfitter, $175.