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Photo Courtesy Of Blaze Taylor on Twitter ……

 It’s fall, which means temperatures are cooling down but I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Blaze Taylor really killed it with this red-hot crimson look! 

To say that this blazer would make the perfect all-around piece for NFR is an understatement. Want a head turning day time look? Pair this eye catching staple piece with some simple accessories and a neutral top for a powerful yet, classy vibe!

But wait, what about an evening look? Wether you are a contestant, contestant wife, exhibitor or spectator – everyone has done the panic change from day time to night time attire. So, why make things harder than they have to be? If you are working with a tight schedule and don’t have time to make drastic changes to your outfit before the perf use this red-hot staple and your bag to your advantage!

It’s simple and takes no time at all to toss some kick a** silver or turquoise jewelry in your bag, along with a dark colored tank top, that has a touch of shimmer to it. This quick change from day time neutrals to night time edge brings your look full circle, with ease! We guarantee this crimson blazer will not only turn heads but also blow minds! Oh, and did we mention that crimson is one of the hottest colors this season?

Photo Courtesy Of Blaze Taylor on Twitter

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