Whether you’re throwing an Independence Day party, attending one, or just staying at home, use this round-up of great recipes for a dish no one will forget! Be sure to scroll through all the pages for the different dishes- Main Courses, Side Dishes, Desserts, and Drinks.

All photos link to original sources.

Animal Burgers

From The Seaside Bakers

These delicious burgers are inspired by the popular burger restaurant In-N-Out and their signature Animal Style sauce. Try these burgers and fries at your holiday BBQ- they’re sure to be a hit!


Authentic Grilled Pulled Pork

From Shared Appetite

Sure, you could use your slow cooker to make some tasty pulled pork, but how much fun is that? Get all the fun and all the rewards of a delicious pulled pork sandwich with this detailed recipe.

The Best Barbeque Ribs

From Handle the Heat

BBQ Ribs are a summer staple. This recipe, from a culinary graduate and cookbook author, is sure to be unforgettable. She even includes a recipe for her own barbeque sauce! 

Proper Barbeque Chicken

From The Paupered Chef

This BBQ chicken recipe follows all the right steps to make the perfect tender chicken. Use this for your holiday party and all your guests will be begging for your recipe.