Layered Sweet Drink

From Like Mother Like Daughter

This non-alcoholic drink is perfectly sweet and great for the kids! The different consistencies of the liquids is what makes this drink layer so beautifully. 

Patriotic Sangria

From PunchBowl

This recipe is great for a group- it makes a beautiful centerpiece and provides delicious drinks for the whole party!

The Sparkler

From BB a la Carte

This exciting drink practically explodes in your mouth- its like drinking fireworks! Between the carbonation and a pop-rocks rim, it is a very exciting holiday drink.

Patriotic Daiquiries

From You’re Welcome Savannah

This recipe uses a blender and some strawberry daiquiri mix for a delicious and beautiful layered drink.

Patriotic Fruit Cocktail

From Linda Wagner

This delicious concoction uses fruit for its festive colors, and the source has both a virgin and a cocktail recipe for this delicious drink- so the kids can enjoy too!


Whatever you choose to make or drink for this holiday, remember to stay safe and have fun!

Happy Independence day from your friends at Cowgirl Magazine.