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Whether you’re throwing an Independence Day party, attending one, or just staying at home, use this round-up of great recipes for a dish no one will forget! Animal Burgers From The Seaside Bakers These delicious burgers are inspired by the popular burger restaurant In-N-Out and their signature Animal Style sauce. Try these burgers and fries at your holiday BBQ- they’re sure to be a hit! Authentic Grilled Pulled Pork From Shared Appetite Sure, you could use your slow cooker to make some tasty pulled pork, but how much fun is that? Get all the fun and all the rewards of a delicious pulled pork sandwich with this detailed recipe. The Best Barbeque Ribs From Handle the Heat BBQ Ribs are a summer staple. This recipe, from a culinary graduate and cookbook author, is sure to be unforgettable. She even includes a recipe for her own barbeque sauce! Proper Barbeque Chicken From The Paupered Chef This BBQ chicken recipe follows all the right steps to make the perfect tender chicken. Use this for your holiday party and all your guests will be begging for your recipe.   Grilled Corn-on-the-Cob with Honey Butter From Picture Perfect Meals The picture says it all. Yum! Potato Salad From In Pursuit of More This potato salad is a little different- it uses absolutely no Mayonnaise! It also uses all fresh ingredients from the author’s local farmer’s market. A healthy and delicious take on a classic dish. Creamy Pasta Salad From An Edible Mosaic This delicious side dish includes bacon, peas, and bell peppers for a delicious medley of flavors. Cornbread From A Family Feast What is a barbeque party without cornbread? Use this delicious recipe for perfect moist, sweet, and golden brown cornbread. The Best Baked Beans From The Pioneer Woman This recipe uses good ole’ canned pork n’ beans and then adds a savory combination of bacon and vegetables for a fantastic baked beans recipe that is sure to complement all of your BBQ dishes.   Fruit & Flag Cake From Branch Basics This healthy recipe stays away from refined sugars and oils, opting for healthier versions for an equally delicious cake. Add blueberries & raspberries to the top for a festive flair! Red, White, & Blue Strawberries From Like Mother Like Daughter A different take on the chocolate-covered strawberries- these ones are dipped in white chocolate and covered in blue sprinkles! Patriotic and oh so delicious. Berry & Coconut Pops From An Edible Mosaic This popsicle recipe is another all-natural choice, using strawberries, blueberries, and coconut to form the base of this delicious cooling treat. Oreo Pops From Makoodle These adorable pops are made with Oreos dipped in white chocolate and covered in sprinkles. The kids can help make these, and they will love to eat them too! Red, White & Blue Layered Cake From Betty Crocker This recipe definitely requires a little more time and patience, but the outcome is well worth the work! Rice Krispie Sparklers From 5 Minutes for Mom This recipe is a patriotic take on every kid’s favorite sticky treat- the rice krispie treat! Keep hands clean with this skewered sparkler adaptation of the rice krispie treat. Still looking for more dessert recipes? Check out Crazy for Crust’s dessert round-up. There are more than 95 recipes to choose from!   Layered Sweet Drink From Like Mother Like Daughter This non-alcoholic drink is perfectly sweet and great for the kids! The different consistencies of the liquids is what makes this drink layer so beautifully. Patriotic Sangria From PunchBowl This recipe is great for a group- it makes a beautiful centerpiece and provides delicious drinks for the whole party! The Sparkler From BB a la Carte This exciting drink practically explodes in your mouth- its like drinking fireworks! Between the carbonation and a pop-rocks rim, it is a very exciting holiday drink. Patriotic Daiquiries From You’re Welcome Savannah This recipe uses a blender and some strawberry daiquiri mix for a delicious and beautiful layered drink. Patriotic Fruit Cocktail From Linda Wagner This delicious concoction uses fruit for its festive colors, and the source has both a virgin and a cocktail recipe for this delicious drink- so the kids can enjoy too!     Whatever you choose to make or drink for this holiday, remember to stay safe and have fun! Happy Independence day from your friends at COWGIRL Magazine!