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Just like people, horses can become anxious in new and stressful environments. Your horse’s anxiety can affect their performance and your own. Don’t sweat it though, we’ve found some of the best anxiety-reducing supplements for your equine partner.

Magnesium 5,000 for Calming and Metabolism Function

Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals

$46.75 on Amazon

This all-around supplement solves your horse’s anxiety and many other common health issues! Magnesium is essential for keeping your equine partner looking and feeling their best. This supplement is a total game-changer for your horse’s diet!

Mare Magic

Mare Magic

$53.99 on Amazon

Gone are the frustrating days of anxious, moody, and irritable mares! Mare’s cycles can have a serious impact on their mood (annoying, right)! Thankfully, this natural blend of ingredients works to stop these moody behaviors naturally and efficiently! A must-have for every mare in your barn!

Total Calm and Focus


$12.98 on Amazon

It’s game time! Level up your horse’s performance by helping them be their calmest, most focused, best version of themselves. This paste is easy to administer and fast-acting, making it the perfect solution to any stressful situation!



$29.20 on Amazon

Reducing your horse’s anxiety has never been easier! Simply add this powdered mix into your horse’s daily grain for daily results. Help your horse feel and perform at their best, you and your horse both deserve peace of mind!

Calming Supplement

Formula 707 

$44.33 on Amazon

You and your horse will thank us for this one! Not only are these calming, natural, pellets effective- they taste great too! Apple flavored and horse approved, so you know your horses will actually eat them. A must-have for your anxious equine partners!

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