With National Bourbon Day approaching–it’s this Sunday, June 14–we want to make sure you are able to enjoy it in a tasty, refreshing and festive way. If you’re a Bourbon-loving cowgirl who’s over the age of 21 then these cocktail recipes featuring Bourbon will put the fun in your Sunday Funday. Who doesn’t love a Boubon-spiked Sunday, anyway? Just remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive–or ride your horse, for that matter. 

Roasted Peach Bourbon Cocktail

Photo and recipe courtesy of Jelly Toast

There’s nothing like bourbon and peach in the summer–but put those two together and you get a summer-approved cocktail. The roasted peaches are the perfect way to sweeten up that bourbon. Get the recipe here

Black Cherry Bourbon Soda

Photo and recipe courtesy of Farm Girl Gourmet

Black cherry soda and bourbon? That combo is music to our ears! Enjoy this fizzy cocktail on a windy summer night or at the pool with your fellow cowgirls. This is what National Bourbon Day is made of. Get the recipe here

Apple Ginger Bourbon Fizz

Photo and recipe courtesy of One Sweet Mess

This delicious cocktail is so rich in flavor it could be served as the perfect summertime dessert. The combination of apple butter, ginger beer and bourbon will make your taste buds smile and rock your National Bourbon Day. It’s also versatile enough to enjoy anytime of the year–which is a bonus! Get the recipe here

Brown Butter Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Photo and recipe courtesy of Baker Girl

Want to get really creative on National Bourbon Day? These cookies will change your will. Just trust us on this one. And, hey, if you’re not a fan (which is kind of impossible) then just celebrate with one of the fizzy cocktails above for National Bourbon Day! Win, win. Get the recipe here