I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that you’re not a real rider till you’ve hit the ground a few times. Luckily, most falls are not serious. If you did happen to have a bad accident in the saddle, then your confidence might have taken a hit. Maybe you’re even afraid to ride again… Here’s what you can do!

Don’t Wait

If you’re able, then climb right back into the saddle. It doesn’t even have to be the same horse! The longer you wait to ride again the more intense your fears will become. Try not to dwell on what happened. Replaying the accident over and over again will only make matters worse.

Get a Trustworthy Horse

After a bad fall, you’re going to need a patient horse. This horse will allow you to focus on just getting back into the saddle. You won’t have to worry about them acting up or spooking.

Enlist the Help of a Trainer

First, make sure you explain the situation and let them know your fears or concerns. The trainer should be willing to go at a slower pace to help regain your confidence. They may even choose to start you on the lunge line. Your teacher will have control of the horse, so you can focus on yourself.

Back to Basics

Don’t be afraid to slow down and take a few steps back. You may have to lower the height of your jumps, slow down your barrel pattern, or ride with a group before you go solo. There’s no shame in not rushing things.

Mental Strength

Prepare yourself mentally for a positive ride by visualizing how you want things to go. Don’t focus on everything that went wrong, instead picture yourself doing it right.

Getting your confidence back after a fall may take some time. The important thing is to keep at! Don’t let your fear stop you from riding.

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