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Regan Stewart has been forging her own dirt roads through Nashville’s country scene. She brings a unique twist of feminine spirit to traditional country roots that we are absolutely in love with. 

COWGIRL sat down with Regan, virtually of course, to talk about her songs, Nashville and what music means to her. 

Country Roots

Staying close to her roots and family has inspired Regan Stewart’s musical career. Regan said “My music is inspired where I come from.” She draws inspiration from those close to her. She even admits that when she was much younger she did not have a ton of love experience. And she took to writing songs about her older brother’s love life! But do not worry, Regan has since grown up from the days of writing her brother’s love stories and now has a few of her own. 

When not rocking out on stage, Regan has worked as a waitress in a Nashville restaurant. “There was a guy that would come in and I was crushing on him really hard,” she laughed. “So my manager would seat him at my table.” Although nothing came of her crush romantically, the light-hearted, true story did inspire her 2018 single “Hold Me Like That.” 

Regan Stewart.

The southern songbird emphasizes her joy found in true stories that have a funny take and are relatable. Both her singles “Hold Me Like That” and “Stereotypical Girls” exemplify just that. Upbeat, light hearted and just plain fun. They are easy to sing along with and easy for any country girl to identify with.

“Drop Dead Gorgeous” & What’s New

And Regan’s newest single, “Drop Dead Gorgeous” is no different. The yet to be released track tackles that sticky situations we have probably all been in, when a girl likes the guy you are interested in. Regan says it will be a “quirky, fun song.” We can not wait to jam out with Regan to another of her original (incredible) songs!

“Drop Dead Gorgeous” will be released August 28th, 2020 and will be available wherever you listen.

Moving forward, Regan is looking forward to getting back in the studio, getting back on stage and taking the country world by storm. Looking way in to the future, we asked about her “dream duet.” She said “Brett Eldredge, I could listen to him sing the ABCs.” We are all for a Regan/Brett children’s album, or any type of collaboration … just saying. 

Regan Stewart’s newest single “Drop Dead Gorgeous” comes out August 28th and will be available wherever you listen. And make sure you connect with Regan, she loves hearing from her fans, friends and our COWGIRL family!