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Regan Stewart’s playful new single “Drunk Heart” is a love/hate song about the girl you become when you’ve had a couple of beers. She’s fun, but she’s wild. She speaks her mind, but sometimes says a little too much. It’s saying at the end of the day, you are who you are and to love all sides of yourself. 

“I came into the room with “Drunk Heart” as an idea, and I remember someone saying we should personify the heart,” Regan recalls. “After that, we went on talking about the craziest things people do when they get drunk and the person that they turn into. I’ll speak for everyone when I say we all channeled our inner girl who happened to have one two many shots of tequila on Broadway.”

“Drunk Heart” is definitely going to be our new hitting-the-town song! Regan has some favorites of her own, and says, “I’m honestly a cheap beer girl. I love anything light and in a bottle. My favorite drinking song at the moment is “Drunk and I Don’t Wanna Go Home.” It’s a smash and is the song I wanna hear before going out on the town with my girlfriends. Hopefully “Drunk Heart” becomes that for someone else!”

Listen to “Drunk Heart” here!

Regan has a couple of more songs up her sleeve to finish off an EP, and has plans of going back in the studio to record some new music she’s been working on soon. She also has a few acoustic shows planned for the spring, and then hoping to travel a bit and play some shows all around!

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