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Regan Stewart has been a busy gal since COWGIRL last caught up with her. The “Dancin’ Around It” singer is gearing up to release her newest single “The Last One” tomorrow, and we’ve got an exclusive first look! We also got to chat about her inspiration and other plans she’s got lined up for the future.

The day Regan, Scott Stepakoff, and Brandon Hood wrote “The Last One”, they weren’t even planning on it! Regan says, “Scott brought in an idea that we were playing around with and it just morphed and turned into a different kind of song. It’s very much so the ode to the Friday night that you don’t want to end. The boy you don’t want to stop kissing. The drink you don’t want to stop drinking. You want it to last forever. You don’t want it to be, ‘The Last One.'”

She’s not slowing down anytime soon either! Regan says she’s excited for what’s ahead, and she has a couple more songs up her sleeve to finish off an EP. Keep your eyes peeled! We know that will be a must-have on your playlist. “It’s been a long time coming! I’ve also been working on booking more shows, so hopefully I’ll be traveling really soon and get to see some of y’all’s faces! Keep an eye on my website for updates on shows!”

Listen to “The Last One” here!

Regan wants to let her fans know that she loves them, “Sometimes it’s tough chasing a dream, but hearing all of the stories and getting all of the messages about how much y’all resonate and enjoy the music I’m making – is what it’s all about. I couldn’t do it without y’all!”

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