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Training a reining horse isn’t a quick or easy process. The discipline requires challenging maneuvers that can take years to truly master. Some horses aren’t cut out for the intensity. When you find a good one, don’t let go of them!

Reining Maneuvers

The discipline was designed to replicate what a cow horse might do. They usually sprint, spin quickly, and make sudden stops. In reining, you’ll also have rollbacks, flying lead changes, back ups, and other flat work maneuvers,

A judge rates each movement based on things like how relaxed, smooth, and flexible the horse was. The NRHA offers 16 patterns with both non pro and open classes. They’re very competitive!

Superlative Equine put together a collection of reining clips in slow motion. They allow you to see the intensity of the movements and how physically demanding they are. Let’s just say some dirt is kicked up!

These horse have been carefully bred to perform these maneuvers with more ease. It still takes a professional trainer to bring out their best. With that in mind, the sport is open to all levels of riders and horses. Non-stock breeds and beginners can go out there and have some fun too!

What do you say? Are you up for the challenge?