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With tension continuing to build between Jamie and the rest of the Dutton family, Yellowstone is looking back on the Best of Jamie vs. The Dutton Family video that will guarantee to make diehard fans’ blood boil. 

The video popped up online just after Yellowstone star Wes Bentley told Entertainment Weekly he believes Jamie has ticked off his sister Beth for the last time. “We’ve got something coming,” Bentley said about the embattled siblings. “We’re both threatening each other now in some serious ways. It’s a mystery to me too where it’s going. I just know this is an inflection point….”

He continued to hint that something big is coming. “This is kind of the final straw. He didn’t much how much Beth was really fed up with him until really recently, and I think that is now flipped a switch in Jamie that he feels similarly.”

Along with discussing his character’s conflict with Beth, Bentley also stated he is very much invested in the Yellowstone storylines. “I wait for that next script and within the same kind of anticipation or fans do for the next episode to be aired,” he further admitted. “Because, you know, [Taylor Sheridan] surprises us so much.” 

He went on to add,  “We all talk about it on set, you know, all the possibilities. We do our own fanfiction.”

There’s plenty of bad blood between Jamie and the rest of the Duttons. The most brutal, however, is between him and Beth. Relive their personal rivalry HERE.