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Let’s take a trip down memory lane to what might still be the greatest barrel racing run of all time:

From the red pants to the broken bridle, this run is a thrill! The 1985 National Finals Rodeo wasn’t the only time professional barrel racer, Charmayne James, and her legendary horse, Scamper, made rodeo history books.

Photo courtesy of charmaynejames.com

This 11-time World Champion Barrel Racer started crowd thrilling at starting at age 14.

The legacy of James’s professional rodeo career remains untouched by any barrel racer today. Her highlights, honors, and hall of fame titles are truly too long to list. Check them for yourself here!

Where is she now?!

Despite James’ time away from her last lap made in the Thomas & Mack Center in 2002, she’s still on top of the barrel racing game. She hosts barrel racing clinics and seminars throughout the US. See her extensive 2021 schedule for yourself! Don’t miss her if she’s coming to your neck of the woods!

Arena records are meant for being broken, but the legacy this trailblazer leaves behind still remains.

Do you think another bridleless run is up the sleeve of a future NFR barrel racer? It’ll be interesting to see if James’ run could ever be topped.

Photo courtesy of WPRA.com

Whoa cowgirls, never mind her records, did someone say vintage?!

If you’re in need of more Charmayne inspiration—whether that’s for fashion or barrel racing—explore more on her website and through the WPRA! You can also stay “tuned up” by subscribing to her YouTube channel or following her on Instagram!