horse dewormer

Yuck! Those nasty parasites are growing in the green grass and this is your reminder to deworm your horses ASAP! May-July is the perfect time to protect your horses from these nutrient-sucking parasites. Check out these top-rated dewormer products to ensure your herd is happy and worm-free this year.

Strongid C 2x Equine Anthelmintic

Pfizer Equine

$90.36 on Amazon

Feed-through pellets for even the pickiest of horses! This formula is a favorite for horses who may have had a reaction to paste wormers in the past. Sneak in dewormer into your horse’s daily grain for continuous, year-round deworming protection.

Safe-Guard Lungworm Stomach and Intestinal Paste Wormer


$14.99 on Amazon

This paste dewormer is a Vet favorite for a reason! Guaranteed to give your horses instant coverage from those nasty and dangerous lungworms and intestinal worms, in this easy-to-administer tube.

Safe-Guard Dewormer Pellets


$19.04 on Amazon

We get it, some horses can be a pain in the you-know-what to give paste wormer tubes to. Get the same great coverage as the Safe-Guard paste (as seen above), but in an easy, feed-through formula! Even the pickiest of eaters won’t mind this apple-flavored dewormer in their feed!

Duramectin Equine Wormer Paste – 6 Tubes


$65.49 on Amazon

Protect your horses in bulk (and save some money)! This order is perfect for your large herds and works to remove worms and bots in a single dose. What more could you ask for??

Safe-Guard Type B Medicated Feed Dewormer


$15.99 on Amazon

Simply add this feed into your horse’s grain once, and you’re done. Seriously, it’s as simple as that! This one-dose, feed-through formula is the definition of no mess, no stress!

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