Horse shoe

Every horse owner that gets shoes put on their horse should know how to pull one off. In the event the shoe becomes loose, you may have to remove it until the farrier can arrive. Leaving a dangling horse shoe on can be very dangerous. It can also mess up the hoof. It’s good horsemanship to know this essential skill.

You’ll need a few basic supplies and general understanding.

The Supplies:

  • Pull-offs
  • Clinch cutter
  • Rubber mallet/ hammer


  1. Grasp the hoof in-between your legs for a front one or rest it right above your knee for a back hoof.
  2. Next, you must use the clinch cutter to cut off the clinches. Place the clinch cutter a little above the clinch and use the rubber mallet to hammer downward. Go around the hoof by starting with the outside and going inward.
  3. Use the pull-offs to gently pry downward and in at the ends of the horseshoe. Give it a tap down and the nails should now be easier to pull out.
  4. Once the nails are out the shoe should easily come off.

It’s important to be gentle with your horse’s hoof. Rough tugs can easily damage the foot. Follow this video for a visual guide to this simple process.

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