Save a piece of history!……

There’s something so charming about historical properties. They’re filled with lots of character! Many older barns were built to last. If you’ve decided to take on the project of renovating an old barn, then roll up your sleeves and lets get started!

Helpful Tips for Barn Renovation

  1. Before you begin, be realistic about your skill level! This may be a project to hire out. It’s important to find a reputable contractor, if you take that approach. Check for references and reviews before signing anything.
  2. A good place to start is with the structural integrity of the barn. Without a solid foundation, you’re in for some real challenges. An engineer should be consulted before you do any excavating.
  3. Visit as many barns beforehand as you can! You’re looking for layout, design and style. Ask your friends what they love and don’t like about their barns.
  4. You need to create a solid plan and budget. Your budget should have wiggle room for issues that come up.
  5. Set a realistic deadline, especially if you’re doing it yourself. Often, DIYers underestimate the amount of time a project will take.
  6. It’s important you measure and measure again! Always double check the measurements you or your contractor did. You don’t want to get too far along before a mistake is noticed.
  7. Buy quality materials from the start. Horses and other livestock can be rough on things. You’ll want durable and long-lasting items in your barn.
  8. Stay organized by writing down the suppliers you use. It can even be helpful to hold onto receipts. In the future, you’ll want this information.
  9. Give yourself room to grow. You may only need two stalls now, but what about in the future. An extra stall or two is planning ahead!
  10. Realize you’re never done. It doesn’t matter how updated you make your barn. There will always be projects on a horse farm. Learn to love the process!

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