Photo by Lonestar Western Decor.……

Decorating a home with unique and personal pieces is how you make a house a home. It’s fun to repurpose horse related items and incorporate them into your decor. Stirrups occasionally need to be replaced so instead of throwing them out, repurpose them!

1. They make beautiful handles when you cut them in half.

Photo found on Pinterest but the original source is unknown.

2. Use a lone stirrup to hold napkins at a party or keep one on the counter.

Photo by Junkin Jane.

3. Try making a simple photo album, this one was available for purchase at Rod’s Western Palace but it’s no longer in stock. You could easily make this yourself.

4. Hang you your bathroom towels on a stirrup, you an old piece of wood or any other material you like.

Photo found on Pinterest and original source is unknown.

5. Towels are rolled in neatly in this bathroom.

Photo by Three Pixie Lane.