repurpose old saddle cowgirl magazine
Photo by: Ponderosa Ranch Outfitter……

You’ve heard the saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. Before you throw away an old, beaten Western saddle, consider repurposing it. There are plenty of creative ways to turn it into something useful. Not convinced yet? Check out these ideas for inspiration!

  1. Turn it into a saddle stool! How clever is that. These unique stools look great in your home bar or entertaining area. They add a country touch to the place!

2. How about a saddle swing for the kiddos?… You can mount the old thing to a wood base and strap it up! Your children will enjoy hours of fun.

3. Use it as a photo prop. Do you know of any photographers? I’m sure they would love to snatch up an old saddle. From infant photography to a backdrop, they can create the perfect scene.

4. Lastly, display your old saddles around your home. Those special ones that you won or did great things in, they deserve a place in your living room or den. Every time you see it, it’ll be instant memories.

What ideas can you come up with? There are so many unique ways to repurpose a western saddle. Don’t forget to try some of these ideas with other tack too.