Resistol RideSafe
Resistol RideSafe
They’re stylish and offer protection!

The Resistol RideSafe helmet keeps true to western style without sacrificing the protection of a certified helmet. You can ride with confidence knowing that your head is protected. Riding horses can be dangerous…did you know that nearly everyone falls at some point? Don’t take any chances! Us the right headgear and keep on riding.

There are two different styles available.
1. 7X RideSafe, $250; Resistol

This black felt western hat is actually a certified helmet. It has a rigid ABS shell and impact absorbing foam. You can alter the fit with a dial system and adjustable chin strap. It comes in four different sizes!

2. Straw RideSafe, $125; Resistol

This straw hat, made in Garland, TX, is also a certified helmet. Similar to the 7X RideSafe, the straw version offers the same protection and adjustable fit.

Finally, a helmet made to resemble a western hat! It offers the best of both worlds…style and protection! Check out the video for the Resistol RideSafe to learn more.