Clinton Anderson. PC: Pinterest.

Clinton Anderson is a renowned horse trainer. He strongly believes that respect is the foundation of a solid relationship with your horse. You may be wondering if your horse respects you. It’s usually pretty black and white, you either have it or you don’t. A disrespectful horse can be dangerous and unpleasant to work with. Check out Clinton’s theory on this hot topic!

You must first acknowledge that respect must be given to both parties. Your horse must see you as the leader of the herd, but you must also see him for the powerful and potentially dangerous animal he is. Horses can be very reactive and aggressive at times. Clinton suggests not to be afraid, but to always remember their power.

To begin, you must establish a safe working environment for both yourself and your horse. Clinton describes a few ways this can be done, such as his hula-hoop idea where the horse must stay out of his personal space. He also expects two eyes on him at all times. His horses must stay attentive.

Respect must be earned from your horse. Clinton gets his horses moving forward, backward, left, and right. He becomes the leader that tells his horse where to go. This respect must be re-established throughout the entire relationship you have with your horse.

Listen to Clinton describe the topic of respect in detail. You won’t want to miss this!

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