The latest work in Jennifer Ryan’s Wild Rose Ranch series, Restless Rancher is a heated romance between a rugged rancher and a spitfire heroine.

Austin Hubbard is a cowboy struggling to get his ranch back up and running. To help Austin get the ranch back in order, Sonya Tucker – a fiery gal from Wild Rose Ranch – is hired to help.

Sonya is frustrated that Austin has lost the world of possibilities he once had due to his money and family, while she struggled growing up at the brothel, Wild Rose Ranch. She was not born into such luxuries, and is disappointed that Austin gave up on the chances he had.

Restless Rancher by Jennifer Ryan (Avon, $7.99).

Spending so much time with Austin, she begins to piece his life back together and the two start to notice their compatibility. Love has just started to sprout between them when a Hubbard family feud reveals deeply-hidden secrets. Austin and Sonya are caught, and their love threatened.

Library Journal had this to say about Restless Rancher:

“Series fans will enjoy this look into Austin’s life, along with more appearances from Noah, Roxy, and other residents of Wild Rose Ranch. Ryan delights with exciting twists and one hot, protective cowboy…Especially recommended for fans of Linda Howard.”– Library Journal

Restless Rancher goes on sale November 12, 2019. Get your copy here and see how Austin and Sonya’s love story unfolds!