hay in barn cowgirl magazine
Photo by Chris Boese.……

We know that every horse owner has an abundance of bailing twine that’s inevitably taking over their barn. Here are the top ten ways horse owners are reusing their twine for a less cluttered barn!

  1. Fixing broken hay nets or even making an entirely new hay net!
  2. Scraping off sweat after a workout or water after a bath on sensitive and bony areas that a sweat scraper doesn’t hit comfortably.
  3. Opening another bale of hay by using a friction between the two pieces of twine.
  4. Braiding the twine into a horse’s tail that has a shorter tail so that it can fend off flies and other bugs in the summer. 
  5. Tying a piece of twine between the halter and lead rope for horses that tend to pull back when tied. 
  6. Fixing a broken bridle.
  7. Hanging across stall-fronts to put blankets and sheets over.
  8. Tying English irons together during lounging so they don’t smack into horse’s sides.
  9. Use as saddle strings on a western saddle.
  10. Holding up your pants when your belt breaks or you forget it at home! (Who hasn’t had to do this before?!)

Clearly bailing twine is much more useful than we ever gave it credit for, so don’t just toss out this free gift from the hay heavens; reduce, reuse, recycle!