Photo by Kirstie Marie Photography.……

Congratulations to Loni Lester, Martha Angelone, and Madison Outhier (earning two spots) who made it through the buy-backs following the second go-round of the breakaway roping prelims. They compete alongside the Top 30 at the The American Rodeo Semi-Finals, March 3-5 at Cowtown Coliseum in the Fort Worth Stockyards!

Get your tickets HERE to watch the breakaway ropers battle it out at Cowtown for the top 16 spots to rope in the finals at AT&T Stadium. 


1Danielle Lowman 
2Josie Conner
3Hope Thompson 
4Avery Landry 
5Josey Murphy 
6MiKayla McCoy 
7Madalyn Richards
8Rheagan Cotton 
9Abby Medlin 
10Sydney Romero 
11Melyssa McDonald 
12Danielle Lowman 
13Loni Kay Lester 
14Sarah Angelone 
15Whitlee Burgess
16Cassidy Boggs
17Shai Schaefer
18Ari-Anna Flynn
19Jill Tanner
20Beau Peterson 
21Emilee Charlesworth
22Codi Sebastian 
23Macy Fuller
24Martha Angelone
25Jennifer Casey 
26Abby Medlin
27Jayme Marcrum
28Cally Hardwick 
29Marlee Malcom 
30Kaycee Hollingback
* Madison Outhier 
* Loni Lester 
* Martha Angelone 
* Madison Outhier 

(Courtesy of RFD-Tv’s The American Presented by Durango Boots.)