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Rhythm beads can be very useful when working with your horse. They come in many different designs and colors, but the concept is the same. Basically, they are beads and bells strung on a rope and tied around your horse’s neck. They’re a fun way to add sound and color to your ride!

Uses for Rhythm Beads

  • Help the rider adjust tempo and rhythm of their horse’s gait
  • Desensitizing
  • Detect the correct diagonal or lead
  • Alert hunters and wildlife while trail riding
  • Add some style and color to your tack
  • Great for all breeds and disciplines
  • Pleasant ‘white noise’ sound

Some Beautiful Examples

A lovely blue color completes the look of these rhythm beads. Notice the bells.

As you can see, they add a nice touch to your horse’s neck. This teal is striking!

This mix of colors is beautiful. The 2nd picture shows off the decorative front of it.

I love the simplicity of these rhythm beads. The neutral colors work well with this gray horse.

So elegant! Do you agree?

There’s so many different colors and types of beads. You can find a local person to make your horse’s necklace or purchase from a larger tack store. They can be customized to match your tack and horse’s color preference.

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