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What’s up y’all! So I had this thought the other day about Rich Strike and the Kentucky Derby and here’s hoping it’s been put into words correctly. Give it a read!

Serious question about Rich Strike. The horse was obviously the underdog. Yes, he had an attitude after the race, was overstimulated, hyped up, whatever you want to call it. 

My question is not about the jockey and outrider and who was wrong or right in that aspect.(If you want to argue that, there are plenty of other posts to do it on.) 

**Insert Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” song playing now. 

My question is: Is it Rich Strike’s scrappy attitude that took him from last place on the outside rail to the winner’s circle? Is it that inner fight that gave him enough fire to pull off the impossible? Is the thing that everybody is dogging this amazing animal for, the exact same thing that allowed him to come from behind and make history? 

Underdogs usually aren’t polished, don’t have the top trainers/coaches, or the best training facilities. That’s why they’re the underdog. But they have something the others don’t and that’s usually more sheer grit, determination, an edge, a certain swagger, something to prove…and quite possibly a slight cockiness.

**Disclaimer: no, I did not just call all historical underdogs mannerless. And again, not saying the way he acted after was wrong or right, just posing a different question.