Look good, feel good, ride all day!

Finally, sore sit bones and chafing is a thing of the past for riders. Pony Tail Sportswear has designed and developed a product that is the answer to the long-standing problems riders suffer from that not too many people talk about. Sore sit bones and chafing that Western-style riders experience from spending time in the saddle is such a common issue, but riders didn’t have a viable or reliable solution – until now.

The luxury Italian fabric is silky soft, moisture wicking and has a 360º stretch – no compression garments here! Utilizing the latest in foam technology, (which is only the height of two quarters) provides optimal comfort and they don’t show through your jeans! Once you are in the saddle, the benefits are obvious and you won’t even remember you are wearing them. And did we mention how cute they are on? Pony Tail Sportswear comes in Classic Black (above) and, for a limited time, is offered in Pony Tail Pink (below). Find your perfect pair at www.ponytailsportswear.com!