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A gaited horse always has a foot on the ground when they move. Each leg travels independently, which produces an unusual movement. Most agree that it’s quite comfortable and smooth though! There’s a wide selection of gaited horses, including all different sizes and colors. They’re a unique bunch!

Benefits of a Gaited Horse

  1. They’re perfect for beginners. These horses have a smooth gait that allows a rider to easily sit to it. That means no bouncing around!
  2. Those with back problems can now ride. Their smoother gaits allow those with aches and pains to feel more comfortable.
  3. They can travel long distances. This makes them perfect for trail riders and dude ranches.
  4. Most are quiet and gentle. Many of the gaited breeds are known for their good temperaments.
  5. There’s a wide selection of breeds available. Some may enjoy the unique movement of the Paso Fino, while others like the flashy Tennessee Walking Horse.
  6. They come in a range of colors. Some like the Spotted Saddle Horse are known for their pinto color. They can even have different eye colors.
  7. Many of the breeds are versatile. They’re great for pleasure riding and competitions. Some jump and even drive.

A few of the more well-known breeds include the Tennessee Walking Horse, Rocky Mountain Horse, Spotted Saddle Horse, Paso Fino, Icelandic Horse, and American Saddlebred. Have you had a chance to experience one yet?