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Coming out of the PBR at Window Rock, Arizona, the cowgirls head to another PBR Velocity Tour event, this time in Peoria, Illinois.


As tradition, the cowgirls explore the town before the rodeo, specifically Ackerman Farms. Turkeys, goats, donkeys, rabbits, and horses abound, making for an adorable few minutes of airtime. Then, they decided to have some fun and test their wits in the farm’s corn maze, where Korie eats an ear of corn from the field, resulting in extreme nausea.

With Carly out for injury, Audrey is tapped in and we hear about her upbringing and horse experience. She sells cattle, tools leather, trick rides, and spends time adenturing around the west and the world. She calls herself an adrenaline junkie. A daring, adrenaline junkie cowgirl? It only makes sense that she’d start riding rough stock.

Brittany and Duke butt heads over their healing injuries. Duke suspects that she has a cracked rib, but Brittany retorts, saying Duke wouldn’t have been climbing rocks in Window Rock had she really been injured. Brittany waits to hear if she’s cleared to ride.

No rodeo is ever perfect. This stop on the PBR Velocity Tour is in an outdoor arena with a very little amount of dirt, creating a slippery surface for the stock and a hard ground for the riders to land on.

Several ladies are unsatisfied with their rides and the stock, but most come out unscathed. Keyword: most.

Tune in next week to see the cowgirls ride in Syracuse, New York! Cowgirls airs every Wednesday at 9/8C on RIDE TV.