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Jane Revercomb. Photo courtesy of Ride TV.……


It’s day two of back-to-back rodeos in Syracuse, NY. Night one of the Syracuse Showdown put the Cowgirls head-to-head against a rank pen of horses and it is no doubt that riding back-to-back broncs is testing, both physically and mentally.

The Cowgirls struggled in the first round of the showdown, with not one girl riding their horse to the buzzer, Sarah Brown Armstrong and Jane Revercomb come back to the second round in hopes of receiving a score, the buckle, and the cash prize.

You won’t want to miss the grit and try by these Cowgirls in the second round. To see the final scores and find out who wins watch the full episode on RIDE TV.

Cowgirls airs every Wednesday at 9/8C on RIDE TV. Missed last week’s episode? Here’s our recap of Episode 307!